The Step-By-Step System To Capture Uncontested Market Space & Make The Competition Irrelevant.

by James Pitt • Last Updated July 1, 2023

This strategy is not ideal for all Health/Fitness Coaches.

It's designed for Online Coaches who don't have big social media followings and want to pick up high-ticket ($2k-$3k+) online clients consistently.

If you have 10,000+ followers, you want to sell low-ticket ($100 per week "Personalized Programming & Nutrition"), or you're looking for more in-person clients, it's not for you.

It’s the exact strategy I used to generate over $30k/mo revenue consistently in my own Online Fitness Program from 2018-2021.

Starting with an audience of 0 and no existing client transformations.

If you want to sign new high-paying online clients every week, then THIS is the first step that makes it possible.

Market Of One Strategy (MO1™): The New Way To 'Niche Down' in 2023.

Niche = a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

Specialists yield better results than generalists; if that weren't true, you'd be getting brain surgery at your local general practitioner's office.

You wouldn't do that because a brain surgeon is far better qualified to perform such a procedure than a general practitioner.

Why? Because they have studied it for longer, but mostly because it's what they do all day, every day, year after year.

Running a high-ticket health/fitness coaching business is no different; we become experts at what we often do.

You may wonder, 'But if I pick one market, won't I run out of clients?'

The answer is 'no!'.

You would have to select the craziest micro-niche ever for there to not be $30k/mo potential revenue. (10 sales/mo @$3k per client)

Even if your initial goal is much lower, there only needs to be 1 sale per week @$2500 for a $10k/mo online business.

Why "Niching Down" Fails Most Online Coaches

Traditional niche work fails most online fit pros because it focuses too much on demographics and lacks real connection.

Demographic elements are things like:







Demographics can aid in establishing strong connections in the market, but only when used within a complete framework. (Which I'll give you)

A niche will contain Demographic and Psychographic elements.

Psychographic elements are things like:

Personal values



Life goals

Religion (Could also be considered a demographic element)




Most coaches throw 2-3 of these into a sentence to create their 'niche'

You've probably seen them...

"I help Busy Moms 30+ Increase Energy, Build Confidence, and get Toned"

"I help Dads Over 40 Ditch The Dad Bod"

"I Help Professional High-Performers Level Up Their Body And Skyrocket Their Output"

You can't expect to dominate in the red ocean of fitness offers with that strategy.

It's better to scrap the word 'niche' and think more in terms of your offer

(which includes a niche)

There Are 5 Key Elements Of An Offer.

The 5 Elements Of An Offer

Strong Offers usually contain ALL 5 key elements

1. WHO

Who Do you help?

Your 'who' will be based on a demographic and/or psychographic element(s).


What's the main result you help them get?

You get paid in accordance with the severity of the pain you solve in the market. Quantified if possible.


When can they expect the result?

This is the length of your program.

4. WHY

What's their main reason for wanting the result?

This is often an emotional or intangible outcome.

5. HOW

How will they get the result?

This is your signature system/unique mechanism. It can become a 'big idea' or movement with the right branding/marketing.

M01™ Framework

There's a simple Framework to use when constructing your offer, but don't get married to it, there are hundreds of ways to package together a strong offer.

What's important is that it contains all the key elements.

Here's our simple framework:

I help [who] to [what]

so they can [why] in [when]

using my [how]

'How' can sometimes be expressed using an add or remove statement...

without [ . . . . . things they hate . . . . . ]


while still [ . . . . . things they love . . . . . ]

Using this framework will help you create a strong offer.

It will put you in the top 10% of Online Fitness Professionals.

But to truly embrace the Market Of One (M01™) and position yourself in a blue ocean, you'll need a unique keystone in your offer.

Your unique keystone enables you to capture uncontested market space and position yourself as a specialist and the only viable option for your ideal prospects.

Thereby making the competition irrelevant.

M01™ Keystone

Your keystone is that one unique thing that hits your market like none of your competitors can.

Think of it like this.

Keystone = Connection.

The coach who can connect with their target audience in the most frictionless manner wins the attention war.

Step 1 to success online is winning the attention war (without having to become a celebrity/influencer or post content all day long.)

We'll cover the Tactics around this later, but let's stick with the Strategy for now.

Once you've won the attention war using your Keystone, you now have the opportunity to expedite the "know, like & trust" building process.

Because your prospect is now in your world.

Your Keystone will often come from a problem/pain that you have personally overcome in your own life.

Nothing builds trust easier or quicker than being able to say "I've done it myself, want me to show you how"

Uncovering your Keystone may be blatantly obvious, or it may take some work, but it's well worth doing because it unlocks everything else in your business.

Here are 3 powerful questions to ask yourself to identify your Keystone:

1. Who Are You Now?

2. Who Were You In The Past?

(What problems/pains did you overcome, and why was it important to you to overcome them?)

3. What's Unique About How You Closed The Gap

(What was the strategy you used? which habits did you change? why? how?)

Your Keystone will likely be within the answers to those questions.

Now, remember the 5 key elements of an offer?

Here's how your keystone ties into them.

It will usually be the WHO or the HOW of your offer.

Allow me to explain using client examples.

M01™ Case Studies

Note; Most of these M01™ case studies contain all 5 key Offer elements.

However, some offers have a strong enough keystone to negate the need for all 5 key elements.

But one keystone element always stands out.

Let's dive into some WHO Keystones and then some HOW keystones.

WHO Keystones

REMI (WHO Keystone)

Remi's Keystone comes from a Psychographic WHO element she shares with her niche.

The fact they are Christian Moms.

This alone wouldn't mean a lot, but becomes incredibly powerful within the M01™ Framework:

WHO (Christians + Moms),

WHAT (Drop 12lbs),

WHEN (60 Days),

WHY (To feel confident naked)

HOW (Just 90 minutes at home).


Precious' Keystone comes from a Sexuality Psychographic WHO element she shares with her niche.

Again, alone this wouldn't mean a lot, but becomes incredibly powerful within the M01™ Framework:

WHO (Queer Women),

WHAT (Increase Strength & Confidence),

WHEN (60 Days),

WHY (To feel more confident)

HOW (?? - Not really required due to the strength of the Keystone).


Career Demographic WHO Keystones can work incredibly well and are generally very obvious!

If you've had (or have) a career and managed to overcome a problem that many others in that career face, it can be a great Keystone to help that demographic do what you did.

Don't believe me that it can be this simple to explode your online business with the right offer?

Check out how Sophie is going below.

Let's check out 4 more 'WHO' Keystone offers...

Like my guy Owen...

OWEN (WHO Keystone)

Owen's Keystone comes from the WHO but could almost be the WHAT.

WHO (Aussie Guys Who Weigh Over 100 kg),

WHAT (Get To Double Digits),

WHEN (8 Weeks),

WHY (No real shared 'why' but Owen knows from his own experience that getting to double digits IS a big milestone)

HOW (No unique mechanism as such, but we created a 'big idea' around MO100).

DAWN (WHO Keystone)

Dawn's Keystone arguably comes from the WHO and the WHY.

Based on who she used to be (a performer on-stage) she has a unique perspective on her market's pains and desires.

WHO (Stage & Screen Ladies),

WHAT (Drop Fat),

WHEN (90 Days),

WHY (Skyrocket Confidence)

HOW (Without Crazy Diet Restrictions)


Hobby/Interest-based Psychographic WHO Keystones are an often overlooked avenue that can create a powerful connection to your market.

HOW Keystones


HOW Keystones can work in various ways, from unique nutrition protocols/freedoms, training methodologies, and even specialist qualifications that separate you from your competition.

...In 10 Minutes Per Day

...Without Counting Calories

...Without giving up beer & footie (watching football) with the lads.

Important Note:

HOW Keystones within a weak overall offer framework will bomb in the market.

'Without Restrictive Diets'

'While Still Eating The Foods You Love'

'Without Spending Hours In The Gym'

Just aren't strong enough as standalone keystones.

HOW Keystones need to be congruent with the WHO and link to the rest of the offer.

Now you might be thinking, why so much weight loss focus?

Is a quantified weight loss result required?

Absolutely not.

We've helped create some amazing offers with no mention of weight loss.

Working with coaches who are completely against weight-based approaches

Like my client Colin who helps Active Perimenopausal ladies over 35+ to get Lean, Fit & Strong in 90 Days...

Which wouldn't be a strong offer without his powerful 'HOW' keystone

"By Working WITH Your Female Physiology & hormones - not against"

And his offer is crushing as you'll see in the image below.

It all comes down to...

Your Markets Core Known Problem(s)

One of the biggest mistakes we see experts make is attempting to solve a problem of which the client is unaware.

Here's an example of this in the real world.

Let's say you want to help your prospect to increase confidence and embrace self-love.

You're aware that your ideal prospect is usually overweight.

But you know it's not healthy for them to judge themselves by the number on the scale or their reflection.

As an expert, you also know they are overweight because they have unresolved trauma from their childhood.

BUT, the client isn't aware of that problem.

However, they are fully aware that they are overweight.

It's THAT, which they think about multiple times per day,

"I hate getting dressed in the morning as nothing feels good"

"When I sit down my belly hangs over my belt"

"I'm avoiding my reflection in windows because of my size"

Those are the thoughts that linger front and center for them.

NOT "I have this unresolved trauma from my childhood"

So you may need to consider marketing the core known problem of weight loss.

Then educate them on a better way to frame their weight loss journey once they are in your world.

It's incredibly difficult to educate someone while trying to get their initial attention.

This is something I learned the hard way back in 2018 when I entered the online fitness coaching market and refused to talk about weight loss.

By speaking to your prospect's most painful, embarrassing, and frustrating problem(s) more clearly than anyone else, you win their attention and quickly build trust.

You will generate more leads, sales appointments, and clients by designing your front-end marketing to solve problems your dream clients know they have.


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