The Quantum Organic Strategy ⚛️ Health/Fitness Pros Are Using To Consistently Sign 2+ New Online Clients Per Week (With just 3 posts/week)

by James Pitt • Last Updated Oct 1, 2023

This strategy is for Health and Fitness Professionals who've tried posting loads of content to get online clients, only to waste precious time without making any more money.

It's designed for Online Coaches who don't have big social media followings but want to consistently sign 2 or more new high-ticket clients per week.

High Ticket = Minimum $1500 per new client, for their 60-90 day initial program.

Quantum Organic: A Content Strategy That Actually Converts To Clients.

Fancy funnels, cold outreach, websites, and posting content all day… can all work, but they typically lead to coaches losing a lot of time, energy, and even money.

While gaining a whole load of frustration.

But nothing beats a content system with automated leads, that delivers consistent paying clients week after week.

Quantum Organic is that system.

It's the simplest 'funnel' ever to exist.

It removes all the complexities of traditional funnels.

Combining the power of quality content with the power of paid advertising, creating a flow of leads into your online business on autopilot.

This strategy is NOT the typical "post a shit load of content and hope someone DMs you".

It's also NOT "build a complicated 5-stage funnel and rely on a huge advert budget to get leads"

It's a strategic approach that leverages your Linchpin Content AND advert targeting.

It's about Quality Over Quantity where less actually leads to more.

LESS Content in front of MORE relevant eyes, leading to...

MORE Convos.

MORE Calls.

MORE Clients.

Hence the name.

Quantum = The smallest discrete unit of a phenomenon

Here’s what that looks like:

Ask any business guru how to grow your Online Health/Fitness business, and they'll tell you this:

1. Choose a 'niche'

2. Post Content multiple times per day

3. Find (stalk) your prospects online

4. Message (spam) as many people as possible

That’s an old strategy from 2016.

The attention war is so fierce now, that you could spend all day, every day posting content, adding randoms on social media, joining groups, and sliding into people's DMs and never see results.

And even if you do occasionally get it to work, you have no clear strategy for how to get those leads to convert into clients.

I personally used the Quantum Organic Strategy To Scale My Own Online Fitness Coaching Business To Consistent $30k+ months.

When I first took my business online in 2018 I followed the typical guru's advice...

Post loads of content

Add friends on FB

Send 20 messages per day

The result...

I signed a few clients, but it was very inconsistent, and I was working 10+ hour days on soul-destroying activities.

This went on for over a year, but through that year I learned an important lesson: the quantity of content you post or messages you send isn't important.

What’s important is putting highly pertinent content in front of the right people (your dream clients).

It's about quality, we've all heard "less is more", and less can actually lead to more online clients.

Armed with that lesson, I did things differently in 2019.

I got super clear on just 3 content topics relevant to my tightly defined niche

The "tightly defined niche" part is critical, be sure to read my "Market Of One" blog to nail your online Niche/Offer HERE if you haven't already.

I posted 3 main pieces of carefully crafted content per week, based on these 3 topics (which I call Content Linchpins)

Then I started putting a small, targeted, advert budget behind the best-performing content (not 'boosting', that's different, don't do that).

I started at just $5 per day until I saw it working.

This began to generate lead flow on autopilot.

The result?

I went from a struggling year 1 where I hit $60k total revenue working my ass off...

To $172,670 in year 2 while actually enjoying life!

From there it was a simple case of continuing to increase the advert spend to grow my monthly revenue to consistent $30k+ months.

And hiring a VA to make sure I could keep my working hours down as we scaled.

But you don't care about me, you're here to learn the Strategy to help grow YOUR online business.

So let's go.

The 3 Steps Of "Quantum Organic" To Sign More Online Clients With Less Content

There are three steps to execute the Quantum Organic Strategy successfully.

Before you begin the 3 steps, make sure you've developed your Market Of One (M01™) Offer.

Step 1: Identify your Content Linchpins, post about them 3x per week, and put some advert budget behind the top performers (generating leads on autopilot)

Step 2: Create a high-value resource to offer at the end of your content posts.

Step 3: Deploy a simple 2-step process to quickly turn prospects into high-paying online clients.

Below is a breakdown of how every part of the strategy works.

Step 1: Identify your Content Linchpins, post about them 3x per week, and put some advert budget behind the top performers (generating leads on autopilot)

Step 1 to success online is winning the attention war, but so many aspiring online health/fitness coaches try to do so by aimlessly posting high-volume content.

Aren't you tired of pouring your heart and soul into creating content, only to see it fall flat when it comes to attracting paying clients?

Have you ever wondered why some online coaches effortlessly attract a stream of clients while you struggle to gain traction?

I've been there too.

As a personal trainer turned online coach, I felt the frustration of spending hours making videos, writing posts, and bouncing between platforms in search of success.

Rarely did my efforts lead to genuine interest from potential paying clients.

That was 5 years ago, in 2023 the game is now 10x harder.

Posting content all day to try and get clients is the fastest way to go out of business.

Expecting your dream clients to stumble upon your content amidst a sea of celebrities and influencers is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

In 2023, the online landscape is fiercely competitive, and unless you're a celebrity, paid adverts combined with content linchpins are the key to getting attention online.

Identify Your Content Linchpins

Your content needs to enable people to quickly understand that you can help them get results.

The fastest way to do that is to talk about their biggest problems, and how to solve them.

So with that in mind, one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make content creation effortless is to list out every problem your prospect will face while going from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Distopia >>> Utopia

Once you've made a list of all the problems you feel your prospect will face, you're going to look for patterns to group them together.

What’s amazing about this strategy is that you’ll probably end up with 3 major problem buckets.

We call these your Content Linchpins

They are problems big enough that you can speak to them over and over again in many different ways.

Let me show you examples from a couple of our rockstar SOC clients.

Like my guy Colin, he covers a wide range of topics with his content, but they fall within 3 main Linchpin 'buckets'

His 3 Linchpins are:

L1: Female Physiology, Stress & Hormones (For over 35's)

L2: Mindset (Confidence, Self Love, etc)

L3: Nutrition & Training Strategy (Strategically 'throwing stones' at calorie deficits, scales, and excessive cardio)

You can spot them within seconds of scrolling his Instagram feed.

Now take a look at what it's leading to in his online coaching business.

Approaching $40k months with over half coming from back end Retention.

Retention and Referrals are what you should base your entire business model around if you ever want to take the pressure off front-end sales.

Then there's Sophie.

Another coach with deep knowledge and experience across wide-ranging topics,

But again, she has 3 main Linchpin buckets.

Her 3 Linchpins are:

L1: Constraints Of Corporate Women (Time, Energy etc)

L2: Weight Loss Around Menopause

L3: Nutrition & Training Strategy (Empowering Women To Get Strong AF & Escape Yo-Yo Dieting)

Just as with Colin, you can easily spot them on her Instagram feed.

Again, you can also see what it's leading to in her online coaching business.

Breaking the £20k/mo barrier (around $25k USD).

While starting to build long-term recurring revenue from retention.

The best part is that you too can see success like this.

Once you've identified your linchpin content, you simply post 1 piece of content per week from each bucket, so 3 pieces of content in total per week.

Then, you put a small ad budget behind the content, which we'll cover next.

The reason it works so well is that you're constantly reminding your prospect of their unresolved problems and the reasons they are still experiencing them.

While adding massive value and positioning yourself as the obvious choice to help them overcome them.

Because they can see that you understand them better than anyone else (they'll probably feel like you may know them better than they know themselves!)

It's not difficult to see how this is so much more effective than posting how many calories a McMuffin has VS an apple.

Or how to better 'turn on the glutes', or engage the lats on a row.

NOTE: Your content should not just contain what you know, but it should contain what you believe.

Most of your competitors will likely know what you know about helping your ideal client.

The things that separate you from your competitors are not common knowledge but personal beliefs and the strength and consistency with which you convey them.

Where To Post Your Linchpin Content

You'll likely focus on one of these 4 platforms to deploy your Linchpin Content:

- Facebook (Meta)

- Instagram

- Linkedin

- TikTok

'Focus on one' is the operative part here, at least until $20k+ months.

One of the worst mistakes we see Health/Fitness Professionals making is to spread themselves thin across multiple platforms before they've seen real success on one.

Chances are you may never need more than one, but you certainly won't while you're still at lower revenue months.

So which one?

That will be niche-specific, focusing on where your market is would be advised!

Seems simple, but so many miss this important factor.

At the time of writing, most Health/Fitness niches are using Facebook to some extent (and still calling it Facebook lol), it's still an absolute behemoth in 2023.

Instagram is certainly a younger crowd, so certain offers perform really well there.

The same could be said for TikTok but with where that's going it wouldn't surprise me if everyone is on there in 3 years.

LinkedIn is of course a professional platform that requires a very different approach from the aforementioned three, but can be an absolute gold mine for the right offer.

Paid Adverts

Imagine the possibilities when your message reaches the right people at the right time, consistently driving attention to your online services.

Depending on your following, your organic linchpin content alone may generate messages in your inbox.

But regardless of your content's organic success, you can increase the number of conversations you generate and calls you book using paid advertising.

The Quantum Organic strategy comes into its own when you start putting budget behind your top-performing pieces of content.

Starting with an ad set running at $5 per day you can begin to drive a high volume of conversations to your inbox on autopilot.

Then each week you can take your top-performing post and rotate it into the ad set.

While kicking out underperforming posts.

Over time, your paid ad set will get stronger and stronger with higher-performing posts being cycled into it.

Let me show you the potential using some of our private client's advert accounts.

They're driving perfect fit leads to their online offers, for $5 per day, while they sleep.

Sophie £0.57 clicks

Jonny $0.89 clicks

Dawn £0.36 clicks

Mel $0.97 clicks

Kamilla £0.54 clicks

As you can see from the examples above, when you have a clearly defined target market, getting Attention isn't complicated, hard, or expensive.

Now it's time to turn Attention into Attraction.

Step 2: Create a high-value resource to offer at the end of your content posts.

Value Bomb Concept

A great value bomb is built for a particular person with a problem, and it makes a promise to help solve it.

Then you use that value bomb to offer at the end of your content posts to generate inbox messages.

There are so many things you can give away, from cheatsheets, ebooks, guides, checklists, video training & mini-courses.

But by far, the best strategy we’ve seen is to build out a PDF first

This PDF can then become the value itself, or you can create additional value by doing a video using it as the slide deck,

It should be the huge perceived value that makes logical sense to your niche.

Creating Your Value Bomb

There are 6 steps to crafting the perfect Value Bomb.

Step 1: Market Research.

You’ve already done the work identifying your Content Linchpins, now want to focus and identify the core problem you're trying to solve through this free resource.

What are the common challenges?

What are the consistent questions?

What topics are unclear, or often overlooked?

What are consistent obstacles in the transformation process?

What's important, trendy and a hot topic right now?

You want to be specific or intriguing enough to where it sparks interest.

If you already have a group/page/place you can ASK your niche directly, do so!

Ask them what they want.

Step 2: Test angles.

Before writing a single page, you want to figure out - Does this resonate with people I would consider to be my ideal clients?

Layup posts to your existing social networks are a great way to get quick market feedback.

‘If i built a free resource on X would that be valuable to you? Comment YES if so and i’ll get to work’

Polls can also work really well if you have 3-4 ideas and want to narrow down.

Don't start creating until you're confident you have something people will actually care about.

Step 3: Decide on the hook

A good hook will give people what they want, not what they need.

Your hook needs to be clear, simple, and speak to the:

- Who (is it for)

- What (will it do for them)

Step 4: Give it a name

The name should include the person it's for, the problem it solves, or the result it helps them achieve.

And then you can include something like:







Don't make a name that's hard to understand. Make it simple & clear.

And then think about adding a subheadline:

Something along the lines of "how to _____ (Without ______)"

Step 5: Build The Content

Now that you're clear on who this is for, the problem it addresses, and the specific hook, you want to start to flesh out the content.

Start by creating a google doc and then just doing a "brain dump" with a lot of bullet points covering ideas, stories, action points, etc on this particular topic.

Next, you want to break down sections.

Typically 3-5 sections that cover an overall (relevant!) topic

This will help create structure and guide the rest of the content.

From there, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Use AI like chat GPT to fill out the resource and structure it for you.

If you’ve done a good job with the main ideas and concept, chatGPT can do a decent job of finishing it for you.

Careful here though, this resource should sound like YOU, not a robot.

It’s your unique beliefs and ideas that will set you apart.

Option 2: Flesh out the sections yourself.

Either way, once done, use the Hemingway site/app to check it.

Step 6: Make It Sexy

Add relevant images and diagrams to the value bomb.

You can either leave it in Google Documents and just design a cover photo in, then add the image to the google doc as a cover.

Or present the resource using a canva template, copying your sections over to slides.

Both work fine.

Step 3: Deploy a simple 2-step process to quickly turn prospects into high-paying online clients.

We're in the sport of having more conversations

In high-ticket online coaching, sales are made face-to-face over a Zoom Consultation.

So you have to book more consultations in your calendar to make more sales.

To book more consultations, you need to have more Conversations

Your Linchpin Content backed by advertising budget will drive conversations directly to the native messaging app of the platform you are on.

The Value Bomb you provide there will knock their socks off and engage them in a real Conversation (C1) via chat

From there, it's a case of booking the prospect onto a Zoom Consultation (C2)

Conversation (C1)

If we can agree that the key to making more revenue in our business is having more conversations, then we should focus on the art of having great conversations.

Most people get so overwhelmed by the fear of selling that they forget to have a damn conversation with people.

The skill of having great conversations isn't listening. It's asking questions.

People love to talk about themselves and their problems. Humans love to be heard.

And these days, it's relatively rare for random people to care about others. When was the last time someone you barely knew asked you 'How are you?' and genuinely meant it?

Not only that, asked you follow-up questions, listened to your answers, and then continued to have a meaningful conversation with you. It doesn't happen often.

So, if you can hold an engaging conversation with someone, you will stand out.

Remember this, to be seen as interesting; you must be interested in others :)

In summary, as long as you ask plenty of intelligent questions at the right time, your prospect will feel amazing, and you will gain their trust simply by caring more than anyone else.

You don't want to come across as too strong or aggressive.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Your goal here is NOT TO SELL.

It's to build a relationship, to serve, and to qualify.

Consultation (C2)

Once you've qualified your lead as a potential client, it's time to move them to a Zoom Consultation.

This is where the magic happens.

If you do this process right, three things happen:

- It won't feel 'salesy' at all

- Your lead will feel like they get massive value regardless of whether they sign up

- They will probably sign up.

Here's how.

Consult, don't sell.

You're a doctor in this scenario and your lead is your patient. Your only job is to ask questions to diagnose their problems. Then, prescribe the best solution to them based on the facts.

If it's a good fit all around, that solution will be your high-ticket program.

Now You Try It

Here's a reminder of the three steps to execute The Quantum Organic Strategy successfully.

Prerequisite: Make sure you've developed your Market Of One (M01™) Offer.

Step 1: Identify your Content Linchpins, post about them 3x per week, and put some advert budget behind the top performers (generating leads on autopilot)

Step 2: Create a high-value resource to offer at the end of your content posts.

Step 3: Deploy a simple 2-step process to quickly turn prospects into high-paying online clients.

Conversation, then Consultation.