Hi, I'm James Pitt

Originally from England, now living in Brisbane, Australia, I'm a family man and founder of Simple Online Clients (SOC), the program helping Fitness Coaches get more online clients, the Simple Way.

As a former Fitness Coach of 6 years, I understand the unique hurdles you'll face while building your online business.

I've now been fortunate to help 100+ Fitness Professionals navigate these hurdles to build lives with more income, impact, and freedom.

But I wasn't always successfull, far from it! In my early 20s, I was basically a real-life emoji combo of anxiety, agoraphobia, and alcohol abuse 😨😱🤮

One fateful, slightly tipsy night, I locked eyes with my zombie-like reflection in the bathroom mirror, a mere 58kg ghost of a human 💀 Right then and there, I realized I was destined for more than just a hangover the next day!

Thus began an epic four-year rocky montage of sweat, iron-pumping passion, and enough protein shakes to make my blender consider a career change. Slowly creeping from 58kg to 78kg #FromGhostToGains

Fast forward to 2014 and turning 30 when, in a sudden fit of “I need a change,” I quit my 9-5 architecture gig, sold my apartment, and hopped on a plane to Australia with more trepidation than a squirrel crossing a busy street.

🛫 I had zero clue what I was doing, but was 100% certain I needed to do it.

As I was in the gym one evening curling in the squat rack (kidding - calm down!), the gym manager casually says – “You should become a PT!” With my last $3000, I decided why not, and miraculously got certified in under 6 weeks.

While all this was going on, I somehow managed to convince a beautiful Colombian lady to be my life partner.

In 2018 when our pregnancy test turned positive, I didn’t just get excited about baby giggles; I launched my online fitness coaching business! At that point, after 3 years of face to face PT I knew I would want more freedom when our son arrived (and let’s be real, diapers aren’t cheap).

From 2018-2021, I built that online business into $30k+ months, transforming over 300+ online clients along the way ❣️

Since 2021 I’ve been paying it forward, helping other fitness professionals to do the same (or better) with their online businesses, using a simple 3-step system.


Your Online Offer

We use our M01™ (Market Of One) Framework to create your online offer that can be priced at $2k-$3k+ for your clients initial 60-90 day transformation.

Your Lead Generation

Our Quantum Organiclead gen strategy gets you the attention of strangers and turns them into clients without cold DM's or spending all day creating content.

Your High-Ticket Program

We'll help you install our proven 7-step client results process to deliver incredible transformations to your online clients in a time-leveraged manner.